Cast Your Votes on Friday!


Photograph by ksd

While voting in person won’t happen this year, you still have a chance to vote for your class and SGA officers on Friday during Advisory.

Voting is your voice. This Friday, May 22 during Advisory you a chance to make your voice heard — at least for those positions where there is more than one person running. With the challenge of the coronavirus at hand, student government and class council nominees were asked to create an informational campaign video, rather than the usual speech given to their entire grade. In an email sent by Ms. Kelly on May 19, each candidate uploaded their speeches, which can be found here: Juniors – Class of 2021, Sophomores – Class of 2022 and Freshmen – Class of 2023. Make sure to watch the videos that correspond to your grade level to be able to make an informed decision when voting takes place this Friday, May 22 during advisory. In addition to watching their campaign videos, make sure to read the campaign goals of each candidate, attached below. Make sure you are present in advisory to make your voice heard and congratulate those officers who will take their positions next school year.


President:                  Andrew Weaver

Vice President:          Mia Scemla

Program Director:     Mikey Port

Public Relations Director:     Charlie Leoni

CLASS COUNCIL – 2021 – Rising Seniors

President:                  Chiara Bruzzi 

Vice President:          Mariapia Onorato     

Program Director:     Brianna Becerra

Public Relations Director:     Mildred Waxman

Class Representative: Josh LeHockey         Dhillon Murphy

CLASS COUNCIL – 2022 – Rising Juniors

President:      Jaden Russell             Daniel Tzalik – 39:74

Vice President:          Morgan Loeb

Program Director:     Davis Lubetsky   

Public Relations Director:     N/A    

Class Representatives:         Michael Bernstein     Sophia Rosenberg

CLASS COUNCIL – 2023 – Rising Sophomores

President:      Shaeyln Davis            Logan Sennett           

Vice President:          Sydney Brown           Lucas Velloso

Program Director:     Amina Balilova                       Amy Bhakta

Public Relations Director:     Hailey Asseus            Kristina Godfrey        Isabella Guevara

Class Representatives:   Kenneth Barrett    Marley Borrow