How Did YOU Binge? Poll Wrap-Up

17% of voters watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, which was added to Netflix this summer. (Photograph by Nickelodeon )

With the summer of 2020 coming to an end, the Miami Country Day community has shared their favorite TV binges. 18% of all voters voted that their favorite show to binge this quarantine was something not on the list and 17% of voters voted for Avatar: The Last Airbender. The poll showed the talk around the most recent hit Euphoria as 14% of voters binged this show which follows a group of high school students through their experiences with sex, friendship, drugs, love, and identity.

Zendaya made history as the youngest winner of the Emmy for Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series. (Photograph by Emmys)

In more recent news, Zendaya, playing the main character Rue in Euphoria, made history when she was the youngest person to ever win Best Lead Actress in a drama in the 2020 Emmys. She also became the second Black woman to be awarded this Emmy following Viola Davis, 5 years ago. She was a fan favorite among the Euphoria viewers, so it was no surprise when she was announced as the winner. Fans are hopeful that Zendaya’s win made viewers realize how long it’s been since a Black woman won this award and it should illustrate a more inclusive Hollywood environment. In her acceptance speech, Zendaya said, “I know this feels like a really weird time to be celebrating, but I just want to say that there is hope in the young people out there, I know that our TV show doesn’t always feel like a great example of that but there is hope in the young people. And I just want to say to all my peers out there doing the work in the streets, I see you, I admire you, I thank you, and yeah, thank you so, so much! This is—whoa, okay, thank you!”