JSU takes action


The Jewish Student Union is an affinity group that connects and acknowledges the Jewish population at MCDS. This includes strengthening students jewish identity by learning and connecting over their heritage.

Mia Finvarb is a board member who strives to bring students together to share their experiences as Jewish people in a safe and welcoming environment.

 “We all celebrate and channel our Judaism in different ways, so I think being exposed to that differentiality is really important in finding our Jewish identity.” Mia said.  

Another JSU board member at MCDS Ella Gilderman said that JSU has “certain fun events where we can discuss our religion and things that we have in common with each other.” This might mean students will reflect on a holy holiday or learn about Jewish history. 

JSU meetings differ around the time of the year and what is going on in the MCDS community. Finvarb said “At a JSU meeting we will start planning certain events that are coming up based around the holidays and the Jewish calendar. We will also circle back to the past and reflect, for example we will meet regarding holocost remembrance day.”  

JSU is planning events that not only focus on Judaism individually, but how it connects to those in the community who practice a different religion.

“We plan on collaborating with CSU (Christian student union) and MSU (Muslim student union). There is going to be a discussion as to how our religions are similar and different, while learning things from each other.” Finvarb said.