CSB? Sticky Fingers? What does it all mean?

Upper School Clubs/ Organizations Overview


Photograph by Dwight Spencer

Students: Maia Walker, Taylor Sennett, and Janna Sayfie.

By Dwight Spencer and Camila Kassin


Erica White, a freshman who was diagnosed with diabetes, started a wonderful club called “Sticky Fingers”. This is a club that is raising awareness for diabetes and money for research to find a cure. A plethora of freshmen were interviewed and all claimed they are members of Sticky Fingers. Ms. J Fulton, sponsor, said in a statement, “I was asked to sponsor the club, and I just couldn’t say no!” Another club that just received some publicity is the the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA). Connor Space who spoke at the Miami Shores equality ball a few days ago said, “We really just try to educate not only our school community, but the community at large about LBGT issues. The Junior Statesmen of America (JSA), uses debate as a way for students to speak their mind about political issues that may affect our community and even nation. Gabrielle Bailey, says, “It is alot of fun, it allows you to speak about things you are passionate about in a very formal way through debate”. Our theater/ drama program is heading in a new direction this school year. There will now be a technological aspect for those that are interested in being behind the scenes. While speaking to Mrs. Pitchman a week ago, she stated that Theater For Social Change (T4SC) is being postponed until the second semester in order to provide Thespians the full on opportunity to compete in their competitions. Although there are returning clubs, Anchor club and Key club are two clubs that will not be returning this school year. In lieu of those clubs, the Community Service Board will be taking over all aspects of community service for students. Mrs. Kelly says, “I think one thing we really want to stress is choosing one or two clubs that you feel really passionate about and committing your time to that. I think we will be much more effective this year with the community service board.” (refer to Francess Dunbar’s article for more information!) Student Government President Jackie Lash thinks the new concentrations are great because, “everyone gets to concentrate on one area of community service, they get to be focused on it, and really contribute their hours and potentially form a passion for service!” Whether you are supporting spartan spirit, a board member for the cancer awareness club, or building a robot, service in the Upper School is always a great way to get involved.

US Students visit various club tables
US Students visit various club tables