Is October just too swamped?

By Cameron Kasanzew, writer

All students have busy schedules, whether it is balancing academics, sports, the arts, or their social lives, and still having time to breathe. The month of October takes this to an extreme with events such as Homecoming, the Cancer Walk, SAT, and Halloween. October, one of the busiest months of the year, can not only be enjoyable and exciting, but also very stressful. Is it all too much in one month?

Upper school students are forced to use their time management skills in order to get through the month. Ever since it has been announced, students from each grade have been planning Homecoming week by putting together rosters, setting up practices, and rehearsing for significant events that can lead to a class victory. As Homecoming week approaches, students are working on last minute adjustments and making sure that everything is prepared. Working with a class of over 90 students can be pretty stressful when making sure everyone is on the same page. Ian Spence, Junior class officer, shares that Homecoming week adds a lot of stress to the month of October. “Luckily for me, I have a capable class council as well as an enthusiastic sponsor who can get the job done,” and he hopes to make this year’s Homecoming more successful and enjoyable than previous years. Costanza Musetti, Junior, comments that Homecoming week is also a great time to bond with one’s class. And let’s not forget about Homecoming dance! Ladies must fit in the time to find the perfect outfit for the night, which is a lot of fun, she adds.

The annual Cancer Walk also falls on the third weekend of October, a week before Homecoming. On Saturday, October 18, 2014, the day consists of the walk around the path in Miami Shores, the carnival, powderpuff cheerleading and football, and finally, the barbecue. The walk not only raises money and awareness for cancer, but also unifies the school community and Miami’s community for a great cause. In addition, the Walk hosts two of the first events of Homecoming: the carnival and powderpuff cheerleading and football.

Let us not forget about academics. The first quarter ends the week of Homecoming, and students are hustling to bump up their averages and turn in any late work before the deadline, October 24, while preparing for Homecoming events and still being involved in sports or theatrics. Many Seniors are also taking their final SAT test on Saturday, October 11, which many have been studying for for several months. For Adriana Vivas, Senior, “sports are a main factor in preparing for the SAT because volleyball starts at 6 and ends at 8 so I don’t get home till 8:30 and from there I am already exhausted and still have homework to do that I didn’t finish before.” Adriana tries to balance her assignments and keep herself organized in order to stay on top of all things academics.

Finally, Halloween brings the month to a close on a diverting note (and on a weekend, this year!). Costumes, candy, and gatherings with friends are a treat for the busy past few weeks. Emily Kanter, Sophomore, is thrilled for the tremendous amounts of sugar and dressing up. Plus, those who are daring enough to walk through haunted houses of The Walking Dead and Alien vs. Predator have the opportunity to visit Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights 2014. The event runs through November 1, and students such as Ryan Gomez, Senior, and Taylor Mashburn, Senior, have already taken their trip up to Orlando! Both Taylor and Ryan believe that it improved significantly from last year. “It was scarier and the costumes and actual set ups for each house were very good,” said Ryan. Emerin Ferreiras, Junior, Nelson Touboul, Junior, and Juan Serralles, Senior, will be attending later on in the month. How many others will be brave enough to visit the theme park this year?

Although the month of October has much going on every week, it may not compare to the months subsequent to it. With midterm exams, college application deadlines, and winter holidays, such as Thanksgiving and winter break that must be taken into consideration, November and December are equally busy. Looking ahead proves to have many more engaging months ahead with much to be done and equal opportunity for academic pressure and recreation.