A gardening class, with no more garden? :(

By Dwight Spencer

The Art of Gardening has proven to be very popular elective, based upon the number of students who registered for it,  it really seems that  the course offers something students are interested in. Mr. Brennan says, Students learn how to start vegetable plants from seed, mix soil, take care of their plants, and of course cook.  Each block day period, a group of three students prepares a meal for the class, and they incorporate veggies from the garden that they have grown.  Students also learn how to can, preserve, and dehydrate food.  More than that, it is a hands-on experience working outdoors.

From growing their own food to cooking, and developing an aesthetic appreciation for gardening,many students may feel that the new location for the class is indeed different and as junior Sam Cohen says,”it’s tough to share the same space with someone.” On the other hand, Arman Singh says,”you get to be outside as opposed to being stuck in an indoor classroom.”The biggest downfall to not having a “community” garden is the fact that, the space was very large and it allowed for a large amount of participators. Mr. Brennan says, “it was nice to have faculty and students working together as mentors and peers.” Since the gardening class has relocated to Leonie’s Garden.  It will now share the space with Ms. Monique Moyer who runs the lower school garden.  She has been kind enough to share four garden beds with the class,  as well as, the use of the greenhouse.

Although iguanas are getting to the plant beds (this location may not work out as a permanent solution) ,and we lose the community garden due to the construction of the parking garage. I would have to pose the question: What is the future of the Art of Gardening class and community garden? As for now, it will remain a humanistic studies course in the upper school. Many of the faculty members that that live in apartments seemed to take the loss of the community garden in stride,others really miss it.  However, Mr. Brennan is very pleased he has found a place for his class and loves having a greenhouse incorporated into the course.