A Look Into Spartan Cheerleader Clinics

“Our main goal is to look like cheerleaders dancing, not like dancers cheering” Ms. Pierce, ex Dolphin cheerleader and current guidance counselor of our school, communicated with us in our first pre-tryout clinic. This was the first time I actually looked into what being a cheerleader consisted of. Exploring the rigid schedule that Ms.Pierce had set up for us: Thursday, Friday, and Tuesday clinics, a couple of forms and tryouts coming up, all of this without being part of the squad yet, made me excited and preoccupied for the upcoming season.


The typical stereotype that I expected was completely beaten down as she dissected it at our first meeting. Our brilliant new coach made us blurt out labels that came with being a cheerleader to get the tension out of the name itself, later she explained that we have to be our own people and proud representatives of our school, not living up to any nasty label predestined by our new occupation.


It started with a chant; the movements she taught us were extremely sharp and precise. As a dancer of modern style, I was not used to such trenchant moves, but she made sure that we caught up and those with no previous experience could ask all the questions they needed to while I continued to attempt to land the sharp arm movements so beautifully displayed in front of me. The next day, we worked on a dance to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t stop this feeling”. Personally I’m not a huge fan of pop music, but this song can be classified, under my standards, as an extremely cheerful song.


These clinics have been helping us get in the cheer shape and have been subtly training our attitude towards the whole concept of being a cheerleader. But most importantly, this experience is going to defeat the dumb-blonde expectation some people will have of the new MCDS cheerleaders.


At the end of the day I am confident that this will be an enriching experience for everyone, to be a smiling face in the sidelines cheering on our Spartan Athletes and to have a place in the athletic department of Miami Country Day. So while you cheer on our football team, we’ll join you in chant!