Tom Petty Proves to be a Heartbreaker One Final Time

RIP Tom Petty

Many of you probably wouldn’t know Tom Petty by name. Perhaps, he’s an artist that your parents cite as “real music” or what music used to be like back in the day. For me, he was one of my favorite artists. When I heard about his passing this past Tuesday, I was shaken and spent the drive home cathartically listening to “Wildflowers” (a remarkable album if you haven’t heard it).

A Floridian himself, Tom Petty was born in Gainesville in 1950. Now if you visit 34th street with its iconic graffiti you’ll find Gainesville’s own Tom Petty memorialized there. For your parents or siblings who have gone to UF they can tell you just how meaningful a spot on this wall can be. CME has recently been performing two of his greatest hits (“Free Falling” and “Breakdown”) and the performance of those songs will take on new meaning. Do yourself a favor and go listen to his music which will forever live on.