Almost No Reason Not to See Almost Maine


Photograph by Jeremy Zmirou

Rehearsing with snow

“A love story… but not quite” is the perfect slogan for Almost Maine, a play centering around vignettes of several different love stories that almost have perfect endings (or at least proverbial endings) but always end a bit unresolved.

There are many reasons to go see this production of what the Educational Theatre Association’s latest poll calls the most popular play for North American high schools today. Though CME kicked off the Center for the Arts’ slew of great performances, this will be the first official theatrical production in the CFA. Though it was a challenging process to put on a production of this quality, there was also something collaborative and genuine about it. When junior Noah Billante was asked about the process he said, “The process is something that was beautiful to watch, seeing everyone work together.”

Ms. Pla led the community effort in her first production at our school. Her long list of credentials and accomplishments helped her hit the ground running with this show. About Almost Maine she says, “I love seeing all the pieces fall into place. After months of planning the technical aspects of the show and countless rehearsals, it is exciting seeing the finished product.”

Many students and faculty were impressed with the preview of piece of the final product of Almost, Maine shown during Multipurpose block on Tuesday. I met up with an integral player, sophomore Camryn Davis, whose performance in the preview is only one indicator of the amazing performances to come in the full show. When asked why people should come out to see Almost Maine, Camryn said, “We have put so much hard work into it and I feel like it’s going to be really amazing… It’s also the first theatrical performance in the CFA.  It’s a piece of history.”

Speaking of the CFA, it can’t be lost on anybody just the effect it has had on upping everyone’s game in the production of this show. With effects that go from on the stage to the sides of the audience, it truly is an immersive experience. Sophomore Helena Ohno Perez says “Working at the CFA has been nothing short of magical… It makes both the actors and the audience feel like they’re utterly and completely in Almost Maine.” and she adds as a reason of equal importance for why those still having some apprehension should go see it “It SNOWS onstage, and I think that says enough.”

So if you go to Almost Maine for no reason other than that they are able to make it snow in Florida (come on, that’s pretty impressive) then I think it will be worth the price of admission (which is no money). When I asked Ms. Pla if she had any final comments regarding what she’d like to tell the students she requested, “Come to the theatre with an open mind and an open heart because there is such amazing work happening on stage and you’re going to want to soak it all in.”

Performances are at 7pm on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (Nov 1,2,3) but if you come on Wednesday at 6:30 pm, you’ll get to experience a special dessert reception! Hope to see you all supporting a great show since there’s almost no reason not to!