Shepard Fairey Comes to MCDS

His Works Adorn Our Parking Structure


Photograph by Karen Davis

Shepard Fairey Adorns Garage

His iconic “HOPE” poster remains one of the most enduring symbols of Barack Obama’s political tool chest. A pop-art symbol for our times. And now, the MCDS community can enjoy some of his work every time we come in or out of the North Campus entrance.

In a November article in LA Weekly written by reporter Ethan Varian, the artist claims his motivation and intention is to encourage people to take an active role in the political process. “Everything I do, my aspiration, is to get people to think about things that they might not normally and then adjust their behavior.”

The panels are meant to represent the importance of the arts as part of our school culture. CFA Director Terry Alfonso describes it as “an expression of our humanity and a central part of our mission (honor, respect, wisdom and compassion.) The arts enhance our lives in spiritual, inspirational and aspirational ways…” She credits Dr. Davies with leading the Fairey project. “When we found out that Shepard Fairey was amenable, we were delighted! The connection was made by an MCDS parent.” That parent was Craig Robins, whose son Marlon is in the class of 2019.

There was no cost to the school other than the cost of printing and installation, explains Head of School John Davies. “The panels are copies of Fairey’s work…Shepard Fairey is not charging us to use the images, which is very generous on his part.”

The works, however, are not permanent, as they are “…printed on a special outdoor fabric with UV resistant ink. We expect that they will last about two years, at which time they will need to be replaced with another artist’s work,” Davies remarked.

With the addition of the MCDS sculpture greeting visitors at the CFA entrance and now Fairey’s pieces, Dr. Davies, slated to retire at the end of this school year, will have left a stunning legacy of art here on campus.