Curing Cancer is Their Goal

This family defines what it takes to be a Standout Spartan.


Photograph by Courtesy Carmen Bigles

Parent of Upper School student Coco Serrano-Bigles is the CEO of Coqui Pharma

The Serrano-Bigles family of Miami Country Day School is on a mission to cure cancer and help diagnose myriad other diseases. Carmen Bigles was a mathematician when she met her future husband, a radiologist. He dreamt of finding a cure for cancer. Together, they formed a boutique clinic in Puerto Rico, aimed at providing top diagnostics and medical practices for caner patients. That grew and ten years ago, they formed Coqui Pharma, which has been awarded the first private contract in the United States to source the key radioisotope to diagnose cancer, used by 80% of doctors and labs.  Daughters Coco and Caterina sit down with their entrepreneurial Mom, Carmen, to find out what it takes to be the CEO. Shot at our broadcasting studios and edited by teacher Karen Davis.