Getting Around Do’s and Don’ts


Photograph by M LaMarre

Everyone on campus must follow the walking flow paths in order to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Last week, Michelle La Marre, Director of Facilities, Operations, and Planning of Grounds and Facilities,  presented the return to campus protocols and procedures to faculty and staff. She also had a chance to answer some questions raised by Spartacus staff members:  “How will movement [around campus] work? Will it be fully restricted?”

According to LaMarre:

  • The map reflects the general movement around campus.  Students need to walk north along the canal for classes in the CFA and WLC and return to campus south through the garage and onto the track.
  • The A and B cohorts will not be on the main campus at the same time.  One cohort will always be in the CFA tents/CFA lobby and theater while the other cohort is in class.
  • Stairways are designated one way.

If you have a class on the second floor of Franco Center, you must use the stairway on the north side of the building (not the Gallery stairs) and you must exit from the glass door facing the the athletic field. The hallway on the second floor is one-way.