Standout Spartan: Daniel Fruman, Published Author


Photograph by Fruman

Daniel Fruman’s short anthology of plays is on sale on Amazon for $16.99.

As a student, the last thing you’d expect is to be a published author. For senior Daniel Fruman, that is exactly the case. Far More Than Kin, Far Less than Kind is a short play anthology which brings together three short plays: “As Terrible as God,” “The Binding of Loki,” and “The Conqueror’s Son.” Within its first month of publication, Fruman’s Far More Than Kin, Far Less than Kind soared to #1 on Medieval Dramas and Plays. 

“I wanted to leave the school with an achievement under me and say ‘I did something in these past four years of high school,’” says Fruman on the writing process and the inspiration behind the publication. “It started as me  [sic] writing plays for Thespians. In fact, each of these plays I used to compete in the [Thespian] competition every year.”  For his play “The Conqueror’s Son,” Daniel earned a superior, which inspired him to compile his other plays into a play anthology. 

“When I finished writing the third play, I realized that it’s really good, and the other two were decent, but they needed some work,” recalls Daniel on the process behind writing his book. He says that he had to rewrite the entirety of the first two plays and put them both into verse, which was a very tough process that took about two months to be able to meet the publisher’s deadline, all while balancing college applications and other schoolwork. 

“It’s very weird in my case because I actually had a course set on what I was going to do when I was writing this. And then I changed, did a whole 180, and so now, so I was really worried about college, after I finished writing this simply because I knew what I wanted to do,” says Daniel on balancing college applications and the book. A lot of time was spent writing this, and it was all worth it in the end. The book has had tremendous success within its first month of publication, so much so that Daniel intends to write more. 

“He can do anything he sets his mind to,” says Ms. Pla-Guzman, Director of Drama for the Upper School. “I’m very proud of what he has accomplished.”  We look forward to seeing more from this outstanding Spartan.