Get Away on GATEway Nice


GATEway Nice was an unforgettable trip that connected seemingly different individuals by the simple common factor of exploring everything Europe has to offer. This one month journey with fellow classmates was thrilling from start to finish.

The moment we landed in Paris, the first stop in our adventure, the difference between French and American culture was evident. Driving to our hotel, we all were captivated by the sheer magnificence of the city. During our three days in the capital, we visited the most famous monuments, museums, and tourists spots hoping to absorbed as much as possible.

Dinner on the Seine River,  lunch at the Eiffel Tower, perusing The Louvre, and an afternoon at Versaille were only a few of the notable experiences. Departing Paris, we took a five hour scenic train ride through the vast countryside of France to Nice.

Our Mediterranean city was just the right size for us young adults to explore while always staying safe.  Diving into various cuisines was easy with the multitude of restaurants, and a tram system that covered the city. In addition, the beach was close by, and we spent our sundays there. In our freetime we watched Eurocup games or just connected with each other.  

On weekdays we had both traditional class, and hands on activities. This system of learning allowed us to best recollect the knowledge we gained day to day in either Art History or Yearbook, the two offered main courses.  

The last five days of our trip were in Barcelona. The enchanting Gaudi inspired city filled with unique spots such as Las Ramblas, La Boqueria, and the Sagrada Familia was the perfect way to end our remarkable trip. A special thanks needs to be given to all our chaperons as they were the most competent and genuine group of individuals that truly brought made our band of 24 people into a family.