Photograph by Sophia Paredes

“Math isn’t all struggling…”

From Maine to Miami, our new Math teacher came down south to “seek some warmth… .” She chats with Sophia Gostfrand.

Sophia Gostfrand: What are you teaching this year?

Gabrielle Schreffler: I’m teaching precalculus and calculus.

SG: What did you teach/do before coming to MCDS?

GS: I was working at a boarding school in Maine [Gould Academy] teaching math and coaching cross country and equestrian

SG: What is a surprising fact about yourself?

GS: I love to be outside so most of the time after school you will see running or cycling or just trying something new in the warm weather which is why I came down here.

SG: What’s the best part and worst part of teaching?

GS: The best thing about teaching is when students have been struggling about something and then they get that a-ha moment and you can see that they understand it now because they’ve learned it a different way.

SG: What do you want the students to know about you?

GS: I want the students to know that math isn’t all struggling and hard work it has a real application to the real world and even if you don’t leave math class loving math and thinking you’re going to be a mathematician just to know and appreciate that it has a real place.