Biden for Democrats (tease)


Photograph by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Vice President Joe Biden on stage at the 2016 National Convention

By Sofia Paredes, Co-Editor in Chief

A race that began historically large and divided with 27 candidates has been narrowed down to one presumptive nominee: Joseph R. Biden, Jr.  It may seem unlikely that former Vice-President Biden has become the symbol for hope and unity in an increasingly polarized Democratic party, but despite differences, there is no one else challenging him going into the summer convention. After a primary race that pitted Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on the left against Elizabeth Warren, left of center; Pete Buttigieg, progressive yet moderate; and Biden, very much in the middle, Democrats have ended up in what now seems to be a split between moderate and progressive factions.  The big question is: where will Sanders’ supporters land? (see related Spartacus article) As moderate Democrats look toward a future of increased Party unity in the Party and resistance against incumbent President Donald Trump, there is a feeling that Biden is the correct candidate to lead this effort.

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