The New Normal

Covid still rules the school


During these uncertain times, the debate on whether students should return back to classrooms remains an ongoing one.  The MCDS community has decided to open for all students during the 2021-2022 school year.

Mr. Fallik, MCD’s middle school history and social studies teacher is very happy to be back.  “I couldn’t be more excited to stand in front of my students again without having anyone on zoom, but, of course, every time I’m standing in front of my class I am a bit afraid.” Falik said.

Many parents also share a concern that their child may be exposed to covid-19. Katherine Liriano, a parent of a 9th grader voiced her concerns, “I am very happy for my child to return back to campus after last year, but I worry that she can get infected with covid-19,” Liriano said. “She is vaccinated and wears her mask but how can I ensure that the school is also taking safety precautions to ensure a safe learning environment?” 

A primary goal  at MCDS is to ensure students are learning in a safe environment. Many measures have been taken to avoid going back to virtual schooling; for example, numerous signs posted around campus remind students to social distance, and wearing masks indoors at all times is the expectation.

“I don’t know how many students in my class are vaccinated, but I am pleased that they are required to wear masks in the classroom.” Mr Falik said. “Overall, I do feel the school this year is making thoughtful policy decisions regarding COVID, allowing us to give our students the best possible experience and also keep them safe.”

Like Erika Ramirez, most students would rather be on campus than staring at a computer screen in their room. “I think my emotional state is great because we are slowly getting back to “normal” and that makes me happy.” Ramirez said. She added that, “even with a hybrid school schedule I may not be able to see my friends which is something that makes MCDS such a wonderful place.” 


My emotional state is great because we are slowly getting back to “normal” and that makes me happy.

— Erika Ramirez

Covid still rules the school, but students and staff are keen to follow safety measures in school. MCDS parent Micheal Hylton agrees that it’s important that we all do our part to keep this community safe.
“MCDS has done a great job thus far,” said Hylton.