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Quarantining Around the World

By Sofia Davy, Guest Reporter, Intro to Journalism Class
December 29, 2020
Head Nurse Bianca Ricart zooming in for an interview on COVID and the potential vaccine.

The Vaccine and Us

By Xavia Orr, Guest Reporter, Journalism Class
November 2, 2020
Senior Jack Lombardo weighs in on test-optional college applications this year.

Capsized by COVID: The College Admissions Process

By Audrey He, Guest Reporter, Journalism Class
November 2, 2020
Masks worn improperly put everyone at risk so please be vigilant!

Mask Misuse Has Consequences

By Ana Laura Muniz Rodriguez, Staff Reporter
October 5, 2020

Masks Are A Must! A PSA

By Barbara Lins, Guest Reporter, Spartan TV Miami
September 15, 2020

Ready or Not?

By Spartacus Staff
September 14, 2020
All the details for a safe return to school are in this playbook.

Questions About Safe Return?

By Giulianna Bruce, Editor in Chief
September 14, 2020

Life at Home

By Carina Lehite, Guest Reporter, Spartan TV Miami
April 12, 2020

Parents Tackling New and Old Roles

By Sydney Fuentes, Guest Reporter, Spartan TV
April 7, 2020

Pandemic Affects Friends Across the Country

By Morgan Dent, Staff Reporter
April 7, 2020
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